The List, a weekly round up

Happy GOOD Friday! I hope everyone is ready to enjoy a great Easter. On that note I would like to share a few things that inspired me this week. I would love to know what inspires you. Share in the comments!

  1. Focus(ed) Podcast
    Such a great podcast. Cinnamon and Paul provide a variety of podcasts that provide you with an endless amount of information and they have a pretty casual and laid back vibe making it for easy listening.
  2. Jumped into a 4-week Photoshop course. Whew! It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a formal class. More on this to come!
  3. Secretly obsessed with the Lizzie + Ally instagram account… because who can resist cute puppies? Makes me want to be animal photographer. P.S. I’m a huge dog lover!

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This week on the blog.

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