Tip Tuesdays! | New Weekly Series

As a busy photographer I understand how overwhelming and busy this business can be! With that in mind I was always looking for ways to stay organize and be more productive whether that be listening to podcasts, reading other online blogs or talking to tother who own their business. In this weekly series I’ll be highlighting one tip a week to help you start you be better organize, be more productive, and on your A game!

Without further adieu let’s jump into the first Tip Tuesday!

My first tip to you would be to assign certain tasks to certain days. I think this is especially helpful when it comes to tasks such as social media posts and blog posts. These are things you have to do so frequently that it’s easy to forget to do them daily. Also, by having specific days you do certain tasks allows you to better plan for the week head or the week before. It gives you a bird’s eye view of all that is happening.

Here is my weekly schedule:

Monday: Advertising – Check in on any ads, website traffic, email subscription lists. Follow up on any leads or with any outstanding client.
Tuesday: Social media – plan posts for Instagram and Facebook. I’ll schedule Facebook posts, select photos for Instagram and write captions. I save Instagram posts to my notes on my phone and have a reminder set to post first
thing in the morning. <— I would recommend finding an Instagram scheduler. I haven’t found one yet that works for me!
Wednesdays: Mid week editing day or late afternoon shoots.
Thursdays: Blogging – write posts for the following week.
Friday: Late afternoon shoots.
Saturday and/or Sundays: Early morning and late afternoon shoots.

I would love to hear how you stay organized through the week, share with me in the comments below!

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