Gear Talk | Manfrotto Tripod

The latest addition to my gear is my new (actually, it’s used; more on that later) Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod. I do a ton of portraits but 99.9% of them are shot hand held but I felt I needed to have a tripod in my toolbox for those off chance moments that would require one. I chose the Manfrotto brand because I came across a ton of great reviews saying this brand was great. I have to say the prices… not so much. If you use your tripod on a regular basis, are a food or product photographer were a tripod plays a big role in your photos then investing in one is a wise option and spending a few hundred dollars or so on a tripod may not seem so bad. But for someone like myself I couldn’t see spending that much on a tool I may use here and there.

So I decided to take the leap and buy it used on e-bay for around $45. I didn’t save a whole bunch the brand new 
version from Manfrotto is $64.99.

I choose eBay for two reasons:
1. I was already purchasing other items, so it was one stop shopping for me.
2. It’s currently out to stock on Manfrotto’s site with no date as to when it would be back in stock.

It came practically in brand new condition with all the original pieces. The only clue that it was used was that it didn’t come in its original box. I have to say I was super happy with my purchase!

Here are a few notes from my unboxing:

  • The quick release plate is a bit on the small side but locks into your camera well and for those of us who have the battery and media card stored on the bottom of the camera this makes it easy to change those without remove the plate.
  • Gliding back and forth and catching video footage is super smooth.
  • The grip to tighten and loosen the camera position is super easy as its lead by a handle with a roller.
  • It has 4 options for extending it, providing you endless height options.

Overall, I would recommend this tripod. It’s a great investment and can be a useful tool for both still photography and videography. I hope to get more use out of this as shoots begin to book with the warm weather approaching.

Do you have a favorite tripod? Share in the comments below.

Click here to buy the Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod.


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