How to Stay Sane During the Busy Season | Tip Tuesday

Spring is slowly starting here in the Northeast and that means one thing: the busy season is soon to start. As great as it is to get back behind the camera more regularly and having shoots daily it can also be a time where burn out can happen. Today, I’m going to share with you a few tips to keep you sane during all the craziness.

Plan your daily workflow. I talked about this in last week’s post. But I think having a set schedule will make all the difference. Going into the warmer months I would edit mine to reflect more client meeting, shooting, and editing time. Even if you don’t have set days week after week I would encourage you to make a plan at the end your week for the following work week.

Use autoresponder and create pre-made email responses. Email and communication can take up a big part your workday. So why not dedicate a specific time(s) throughout the day when you’ll be responding to clients? I typically reserve first thing in the morning and late afternoons on busy days. And when I’m not emailing for extended periods of time I have an autoresponder set that kindly lets a client know that I have received their email and will get back to them. Another thing that has helped me be more productive during time spent working through emails is having premade templates. As a photographer or anyone in a particular line of business you receive redundant questions; it’s just part of the biz. During a down day I compiled a list of the most commons questions and responses that I’ve received or sent. From there I crafted about 5-10 premade email templates that I can just fill in the blanks in regards to each particular client. It leaves the guess work on how to word things while keeping me on brand and voice.

Outsource. If you can outsource tasks! Especially administrative ones like bookkeeping, responding to emails, editing, social media etc. What you choose to outsource is really up to you but having a second pair of hands is always helpful!

– My last tip but most important one is to set boundaries! It’s most important that you take care of yourself and make time for you. People are paying you to provide them not only with great photos but for an experience. So it’s important that you present your best self when interacting with clients. When setting boundaries create a work schedule: which days of the week are you going to be working, what are your business hours, how can clients reach you? Maintaining a work-life balance is key to success!

How do you combat burnout? Have a tip for me? Share in the comments below.

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