Gear Essentials to Help Build Your Foundation

Are you just starting your venture in the world of photography? There is an endless amount of gear you can buy out there. I suggest starting with the basics and building yourself a solid foundation and then start to add additional accessories as your experience and knowledge grows.

Here are a few essentials that I started out with that I think you should have in your camera bag to get started.

1. Camera Body: Canon Rebel T6
The Rebel series is a great starter series and any of the rebels will do. It’s best to set a budget and work from there. I purchased my Rebel refurbished on Canon’s site and it came in brand new condition. I’m still not convinced it’s “refurbished.”

2. Camera Lens: 50mm Your camera will come with a kit lens and that’s great if you are picking up a camera for the first time and I recommend practicing with it for a while. But I would also purchased a 50mm lens. It’s so versatile and will let you experiment with depth of field and bokeh. And it’s SUPER affordable. Read more of why the “nifty fifty” is my favorite here.

3. Media Card: SanDisk Extreme Pro A media card is just a essential as as a battery! I recommend the SanDisk brand and the larger the storage the better. Faster and larger cards will allow you to shoot in RAW which will make for easier editing sessions later. Even though you may be a beginner media cards can have quite a long life span if take care of .. so you might as well invest right in the beginning. Also, here are my favorite card cases. I purchased these at a local store for $1.00 ea. Grab one or a bunch there’re cheap and will protect your media card from damage.

4. Tripod: Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod You don’t have to go with the Manfrotto brand as they’re are tons of tripod options out there. Any sturdy tripod will do! Read more about the Manfrotto Tripod here.

5. Software: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop For when you are ready to hone your editing skills these are the best of the best!

6. UV filters: I have Tiffen filters on all my lens. They’re super affordable and do jobs at once. For one, they protect the front of your lens which is huge. Nothing is more frustrating then finding a scratch on your lens and then having to work with that lens after investing a lot a money since lens can be pretty expensive. Secondly, they filter UV waves and help produce better photos.

7. Flash: I currently rely on natural light but flash and lighting are a skill I’m planning to learn this year. Depending on your niche in photography flash can play a significant role in your work.

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What are your essentials? Share in the comments below!

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