Gear Essentials | My Favorite Places to Shop Online

Photography is an expensive profession to get in to… there is no way around it. I guess this is true for most businesses when they are building from the ground up. So today I want to share with you my favorite places to get equipment without always breaking the bank. There are a ton of great places to get gear but my favorites include:

First up is Adorama! What really sold me on them was their customer service. When I decided to really invest in my photography career I decided to trade in my Nikon D40 for a refund check to help me purchase my new Canon Rebel. From start to finish the customer service was great. They walked me through each step and answered any questions I had. Another reason why I love Adorama is for their refurbished section, there are such great prices for really great equipment. And the best part is they rate each item so you really have an idea as to what condition the item is before you purchase.
Secondly, Amazon, I like Amazon because yes they have great prices but they also let you shop from more than one retailer all at once. It’s one-stop shopping.
Last but certainly not least is Canon. Sometimes you just have to treat yo’ self! But also more importantly because this is where the gear is made! As a Canon user and professional sometimes you just shop at the major retailer because they simply have what you need. They can answer questions specifically about your camera and how things will work together because you’re buying a product they made. Canon too has a refurbished section on their site that you can shop and still save.

Do you have any recommendations for places to shop? Leave suggestions in the comments below!

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