How Google, Youtube and Podcasts help me learn photography

For this week’s Tip Tuesday I wanted to share with you a few things that I utilize as educational tools.

As a someone who has begun the process of starting a new photography business, I’m always looking for new tools, tips, tricks to improve my business. When starting a business there are so many moving parts that you need to figure out and how to get them all working together at the same time.

There’s the actual business part of things like bookkeeping, session scheduling, and answering emails; more administrative type work. Then there’s the actual product side of showing up to sessions, using your camera, posing clients etc. I don’t think any business is perfect and I think many entrepreneurs are always keeping an eye out for ways to improve business, I think any good business owner is considering how fast any industry can change.

To keep me motivated I listen to podcasts. These are by far the easiest, simply because I listen to these while I’m in a car. I’m still working a full-time job and have an hour-long commute each way. This is a perfect amount of time to really listen to an entire podcast or two! I’ve learned so many different things, things I wouldn’t even have considered or come across in a google search. The only downfall is not being able to take a note or two.

Here are a few podcasts that I recommend: Focus(ed), The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon, and

Sometimes you know what you’re looking for. It may be how to edit in Photoshop or Lightroom. It may be how to make use of a setting on your camera. It may be a particular thing you are looking for. For this, I almost always start with Google.

Google may not be the most reliable source for accurate information, however, I think it can certainly point you in the right direction or get you started. Google is how I have come across many reliable resources. For instance the Focus(ed) podcast, I was Googling a topic ( I can’t remember what) and came across the photographer Cinnamon Wolfe who happens to have a lot of resources available for photographer launching a business and voila! She mentions her podcast right on her website.

I’m a visual person so the best way for me to truly learn something is to see it done and Youtube is the best for this. Sometimes I could be struggling with an edit or need tips on how to pose people. Many photographers are really diving into the educational aspect of photography and teaching people how to do an endless amount of things. A while back when I started looking for tips and tricks on Youtube I decided to start a playlist. If I liked a video I would add that channel to my list of favorites and visit them often as they usually are providing fresh content every week or so. I treat this like a typical tv binge-watch session every few weeks and catch up on the videos that seem of interest to me.

There you have it my top 3 educational tools! Have any tools you want to share? Drop ’em in the comments below.

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