Let’s Talk Gear

Buying gear creates such thrill and excitement … am I right? There is no greater feeling then unboxing a new lens or even better a brand new camera body!

As a growing photographer, I fell under the spell of buying gear, gear, and more gear. A lot of us just starting out see a lot of other photographers shooting with this lens, that body, this flash, the list keeps going. This inspires us to buy this or that in hopes that our photo game will improve and will be producing amazing photos just like them. I have to say based on experience this isn’t true! I believe all photographers just starting out should get the essentials (<– read my post for more details!) to start out with. The most crucial part of having your essentials is knowing them inside and out. As a photographer, you are bound to find yourself in a situation where your were prepare for one scenario but was dealt another at a moment’s notice. You need to be able to adjust at a moment’s notice. Having the latest lens or camera accessories aren’t going to provide you with this type of knowledge. I recommend getting to know the gear you do own, once your experience has grown treat yourself to something new!

Share your gear buying experience in the comments!

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