How I Packed For My Trip

Last week I ventured south for some much needed family time. I was beyond thrilled to get away, breathe new air, and see different sights. I of course brought along my camera … because why not? I thought I would share with you what I brought along for this trip.

Now I’m sure there are plenty of people like myself who want to pack as smart and as light as one can. But photography can often require a lot of gear depending on what you are shooting. So I took some time to think about some images I truly wanted to come home with. They included a family portrait because the last photo we all took together was a selfie on my iPhone. Also, some great land and city scapes. Those were the minimum all others would be a bonus. 

From there I thought of the basics and here is what I included:

1. Batteries

2. Media cards (yes more than one of each!)

3. Tripod. As much as I wanted to leave the tripod home, I knew I need it to capture a family portrait.

4. Next up lenses: I only wanted to take two but my bag holds three so I figured my third would be a bonus.

  • 50mm for portraits
  • 10-22mm for my landscape shots since its a wide angle lens
  • 75-200 for distance shots. The 75mm was my bonus lens since I really planned on only using the 50 and 10mm.

5. Camera Body

I also wanted to leave the laptop and hard drive home but I brought it that way I could immediately back up my images at the end of each day. Also, I wanted to preview my images on screen in case I had an opportunity to revisit something before we headed home. 

And that is it! I carried all of this Nikon Camera Bag. That way I was at least hands free when I wanted to be. 

How do you pack for your trips? Share in the comments below! 

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