How to Capture Your Best Fall Inspired Family Photos

Fall is a great time to capture a few family photos; the weather is cool, and the backdrop and landscape comes in an array of bright colors. Here are a few tips to help you capture your best fall inspired family photos.

Think outside the box – capture all Fall activities, not just pumpkin picking. There are so many fun activities you have planned this fall; try capturing those to create unique images. Here are a few ideas: puddle jumping, leaf peeping, soccer games, fall hikes, corn mazes, family camping trips etc. 

Shoot in landscape – make sure to turn your phone! When capturing images I recommend shooting in landscape. This allows you to capture not only your subject but all the greatness around them.  It will help set the scene and lend to the story that’s taking place. Also, shooting in landscape will help keep your image in perspective.

Keep light in mind. Fall light can be much different from other seasons. It’s often warmer in terms of tones, so shooting prior to sunset is the best time to capture your images. Don’t forget sunset it much earlier these days as the days are shorter.

Ditch posed and planned images and capture candids.
Planned and posed images are great, but capturing your subject in the moment is even better. It tells so much more of story, providing you with a way to remember that moment beyond the photo.

Use the landscape as your background. Don’t stress too much about what is happening in the background. Fall is one of the most colorful seasons, capture that beauty as well. This is another reason why you shoot in landscape. You’ll capture your subject PLUS all the beauty this season has to offer.