Meet Courtney

Courtney Lewis Photography Fairfield County Connecticut Portrait Photographer

Hello! Thanks for visiting. I’m Courtney a Fairfield County Portrait Photographer who loves to capture families and children.

Growing up my family always documented moments through candid portraits. I have many memories as a kid flipping through photo albums revisiting memories  of us on vacation, me graduating from preschool, my first dance; the list is really endless. To this day on family gatherings we still all sit around looks through old photos. I’m so grateful now as an adult to have these photos as a physical reminder of the memories we’ve made over the years. The meaning of photos is near and dear to my heart and something that I think everyone should have the opportunity to have. And with life flying by I’m here to help you capture this moments.

I strive to provide all my clients with classic, timeless, and authentic images to remember all stages of the life by.

If you are interested in collaborating please send me a message. I’d love to chat and get to know your family. Thanks for stopping by!