Balcastro Tree Farm Family Session at Jones Family Tree Farm, Shelton, CT

Happy New Year! Although 2018 has come to a close I still have so much from 2018 to share.

In a previous post I shared with you Jones’ Family Tree Farm, it’s hands down in my top favorites places to shoot, especially around the holidays. Jones is well known for their winery, strawberry and pumpkin picking. There is something to do year round at Jones, I hope to go back a lot more this year.

I met the Balcastros for a quick tree farm session. Their daughter Gia brought the holiday cheer and sass. Together we made some great shots. Check out a few images below!

Venue: Jones Family Farms






Goad Family Session at Jones Family Tree Farm, Shelton, CT

It’s officially winter here in New England, at least it feels like it. Although winter is slowly moving in there is still plenty of time to capture a few more outdoor sessions. A lot of families this time of year love to venture out to tree farms and capture moment of themselves posed by rows of trees and even them choosing their tree.

I met the Goad family at Jones Tree Farm in Shelton, CT for their annual family photos! Jones Tree Farm is a great place to get all of your Christmas tree needs in one place, everything from the tree to ornaments, and even your door wreath. Did I mention the farm is huge. HUGE!

It was such a treat to meet them their be part of their annual family tradition. Check out some great shots from their tree farm session below. Click here to view the entire gallery!

Venue: Jones Family Farms

Family portrait session





Family Portrait Session



Wilson Family Session at Beardsley’s Park, Bridgeport, CT

I’m so excited to share the last of my Fall sessions that took place at Beardsley Park in Bridgeport, CT. The day was bright and sunny but the air was cold and crisp. The Wilsons came ready for their session wearing warm fall colors and were excited to participate in their session despite the wind. Either way we all toughed it out to create warm family photos.

I hope you enjoy the gallery below and be sure to view the full gallery here!





Sandin Family Session at Beardsley’s Orchard and Cider Mill, Shelton, CT

Fall has come in so quickly this year. It seems as though it gets shorter and shorter every year which is disappointing as Fall is one of my favorite seasons. When planning ideas of Fall mini sessions I decided to host them at a local orchard. What’s better than hot apple cider, warm cider donuts, and views of endless rows of sweet bright red apples? I hosted three families at Beardsley’s Orchards and Cider Mill in Shelton, CT. Here are a few images from the Sandin Family! Click here to view the full gallery.

Venue: Beardsley Orchard and Cider Mill

Tim’s Family Session at Beardsley’s Orchard and Cider Mill, Shelton, CT

Fall is finally begining to settle in here in New England. My goal for next year is to offer my clients more styled shoots and I thought starting this Fall would be a great oppourtunity to try this new concept out. I offered Fall inspired mini sessions held at Beardsley Orchard and Cider Mill this first go around. It was great to see everyone come dressed in some of their Fall bests! Children had the chance to pick their own apples and fill baskets we could use during the shoot. Beardsley is a beautiful apple orchard located in Shelton, CT. They offer several apple varieties, ciders, and of course cider donuts all sold on site in their farm store. If your local or in the area I highly recommend stoping in a visiting them!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing galleries that took place at Beardsley. Enjoy the gallery below of the Tims’ family. Full gallery coming soon!

Venue: Beardsley Orchard and Cider Mill





Tips on What to Wear for your Portrait Session

I have to say one of my most common questions prior to a portrait session is “What should I wear?” Below I’ve outline my top 5 tips to help you prep for session. Give them a read and comment if you have any tips I should add and expand on!

  • Consider your location
    When choosing what to wear it’s important to consider the location of your session. It’s best to think of the potential backdrops you’re images will have. For example are you going to be at a busy apple orchard or a beach. If you are having your portraits taken at a location where there are a ton of different backdrop options wearing neutral colors is the way to go, but wearing patterns can distract from the main focus of the photo.
  • Choose timeless clothing
    Stay away from trendy clothing options…unless you plan on having portraits done more than once a year. Don’t get me wrong having a fun creative photo session is a great idea and lots of fun! But you have keep in mind your plans for the final images. For example, am I going to display this in my home or is this just for fun? Wearing timeless clothing will most likely lead to you wanting to display images from your session year after year.
  • Choose an outfit you feel most confident in.
    When you’re wearing an outfit that makes you feel good it’s displayed through your confidence. It’ll be easier to pose and smile for the camera if you’re not worried about what your wearing!
  • Coordinate but don’t match.
    I always think that some of the best photos are the ones where everyone is wearing something from the same color scheme. Choose a few colors and pick items that will match the scheme.
  • Ask your photographer!
    My last tip in planning your photo session is work with your photographer. Yes, they are there to take your photos and make sure they are everything you expect. However, part of that process is making sure you have everything you need prior to start of your session.

Late Summer Family Portrait Session with the Johnson’s

The Johnson family are avid beach goers and love the summer! When planing their session a beach location was required and I was happy to oblige as I too love the beach. I decided on shooting at The Seawall in Stratford, CT; it’s  mostly beach but also a great walking spot right on the Long Island Sound. A great place to stick your toes in the sand white embracing the seabreeze AND it’s also a great spot for a photo shoot!