Late Summer Family Portrait Session with the Johnson’s

The Johnson family are avid beach goers and love the summer! When planing their session a beach location was required and I was happy to oblige as I too love the beach. I decided on shooting at The Seawall in Stratford, CT; it’s  mostly beach but also a great walking spot right on the Long Island Sound. A great place to stick your toes in the sand white embracing the seabreeze AND it’s also a great spot for a photo shoot!

Model Call: Maternity Photo Shoot

Model Call: Looking for 2 moms to be who are willing to participate in a maternity photo shoot.

I’m happy to share that this Fall I will be adding maternity sessions to my list of services!

I have two FREE sessions available for moms to be.

About Maternity Sessions
Let’s capture the beginning of this new journey while you’re anticipating the arrival of your sweet baby.
Maternity Sessions are typically scheduled between 30 and 34 weeks

Please email for book. Sessions will be booked on a first come first serve basis.

Best of June

Hello! I hope everyone who celebrated the 4th of July had a great day! I thought I would take a moment each month to share some of the most popular portraits from the previous month. Let me know what you think!

Before & After Edit

Today I thought I would share with you a before and after edit from a recent couples session I did featuring Ben, Pam and Bella. I will share my edits below!

To edit I start in Lightroom and select Auto while in the develop screen. From there Lightroom will automatically make the changes to boost the quality of the images. From there I usually bump up the exposure and work on adjusting the blacks and white to help create light and vibrant images.

Here are my settings:
Exposure: +0.15
Contrast: -21

Highlights: -93
Shadows: +57
Blacks: +15
Whites: -34

Vibrance: +13
Saturation: +4

How do you edit your photos? Share in the comments below!

Let’s Talk Gear

Buying gear creates such thrill and excitement … am I right? There is no greater feeling then unboxing a new lens or even better a brand new camera body!

As a growing photographer, I fell under the spell of buying gear, gear, and more gear. A lot of us just starting out see a lot of other photographers shooting with this lens, that body, this flash, the list keeps going. This inspires us to buy this or that in hopes that our photo game will improve and will be producing amazing photos just like them. I have to say based on experience this isn’t true! I believe all photographers just starting out should get the essentials (<– read my post for more details!) to start out with. The most crucial part of having your essentials is knowing them inside and out. As a photographer, you are bound to find yourself in a situation where your were prepare for one scenario but was dealt another at a moment’s notice. You need to be able to adjust at a moment’s notice. Having the latest lens or camera accessories aren’t going to provide you with this type of knowledge. I recommend getting to know the gear you do own, once your experience has grown treat yourself to something new!

Share your gear buying experience in the comments!

Raquel and Baby Mia

I had the pleasure of  connecting with Raquel who was looking to have some photos taken of herself and her baby. We settled on doing a mini portrait session. And I just say Baby Mia was the sweetest baby… not a tear in sight! I swear she was born camera ready. We held our session at Kenosia Park in danbury and it was the perfect Spring day; warm and sunny. Here are a few stand out shots from the session. Click here to view the entire gallery!

P.S. I have openings for my Mini Mommy and Me sessions in honor of Mother’s Day. Click here for details or contact me to book!


My Favorite Place to Shoot: Seaside Park, Bridgeport, CT

One of the most important tools as a photographer you can have in your toolbox if a short list of go-to places for photo sessions. You are bound to come across a client or two that leaves the planning up to you. I’ve recently moved and have been taking the winter months to discover new locations to test out during sessions where the plans are fully left to me (it’s great having clients that really let you be as creative and free as you want!)

One of the favorite places to shoot sessions is by the beach. I’m lucky enough to live on the gold coast of Connecticut and there are a ton of beaches within a short driving distance of me. One of my top five would be Seaside in Bridgeport, CT. What makes this place great is its versatility. It’s half beach on one end and half park on the other. There are a ton of benches, picnic tables, stone sculptures, fields, and landscape that it’s impossible to be lost for ideas. Here are a few of my favorite places to shoot while I’m there.
Do you have a go-to place to shoot? Share in the comments below. I’m always looking for new places.

Gear Essentials | My Favorite Places to Shop Online

Photography is an expensive profession to get in to… there is no way around it. I guess this is true for most businesses when they are building from the ground up. So today I want to share with you my favorite places to get equipment without always breaking the bank. There are a ton of great places to get gear but my favorites include:

First up is Adorama! What really sold me on them was their customer service. When I decided to really invest in my photography career I decided to trade in my Nikon D40 for a refund check to help me purchase my new Canon Rebel. From start to finish the customer service was great. They walked me through each step and answered any questions I had. Another reason why I love Adorama is for their refurbished section, there are such great prices for really great equipment. And the best part is they rate each item so you really have an idea as to what condition the item is before you purchase.
Secondly, Amazon, I like Amazon because yes they have great prices but they also let you shop from more than one retailer all at once. It’s one-stop shopping.
Last but certainly not least is Canon. Sometimes you just have to treat yo’ self! But also more importantly because this is where the gear is made! As a Canon user and professional sometimes you just shop at the major retailer because they simply have what you need. They can answer questions specifically about your camera and how things will work together because you’re buying a product they made. Canon too has a refurbished section on their site that you can shop and still save.

Do you have any recommendations for places to shop? Leave suggestions in the comments below!

Canva to help you Market Your Business

If creating marketing materials and branding are not your strong suit but you want to look professional until you earn some extra coins to invest in a professional to help you build and expand your brand let me share with you the power of Canva! It really helps you creating any and all marketing materials.
Creating a logo, ads, selecting brand colors, and everything that goes into creating a brand as a business is a huge task to take on and can be overwhelming. I myself are in the beginning stages of establishing my brand and business have relied on Canva. Plus it is a HUGE time saver. With Canva I have created a logo, established fonts, and a color palette and have created many Facebook and Instagram ads. ALL FOR FREE! I think for someone just starting out and maybe testing the waters of a small business of any kind can really benefit from this tool. My goal in the future when I’m more established and have a better flow of income from photography is to hire a brand professional to really help me narrow down my look and feel.

What tools do you use to help market your business? Share in comments below!

Portrait Session | Jenna Henderson

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph Dr. Jenna Henderson for the upcoming June issue of Townsend Magazine. Needless to say, I was thrilled to be doing a shoot that would be published and it will also be on the cover! We were limited on time and space as Jenna was busy with clients and in the process of a big move. So we decided to shoot at her home on a bright Saturday afternoon. This gave us tons of flexibility in terms of backgrounds, outfit changes, and lighting. We shot over a 100 frames during our mini session and did a quick outfit change to mix things up a bit, giving us a ton of images to choose from.

Here are a few frames from the shoot.
Here are a few frames from the shoot.